DGT 3490GXDigital System Set

The DGT 3490GX digital system telephone is a multifunctional telephone terminal designed to support telephone communication. The telephone is connected to DGT Millenium control panels via a digital connection, implemented in the Up0 contact standard. The particular advantages of the devices are visible in subscriber networks, where they can work as an advice or dispatcher-secretary apparatus and in departmental networks (energy, MON, mining, etc.), working as a dispatch desk. The telephone uses a number of design solutions to facilitate its operation:

  • built-in speaker and speakerphone microphone
  • 128 x 48 pixel graphic display with backlight and contrast setting
  • select keyboard
  • set of function keys
  • a set of keys to operate the display and implement the commands presented on it
  • set of programmable keys with optical signaling
  • talk volume adjustment keys
  • line connector for connecting the line from the control panel
  • headset connector
  • connector for connecting a call recorder
  • USB connector for configuring the camera and increasing its functionality
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