DGT 7508 ELTactical switchboard

The mobile digital telephone exchange DGT 7508 EL, is a portable, compact telephone exchange dedicated for using in difficult environmental conditions.
The high level of versatility of the DGT exchange was achieved as a result of integration of the most advanced telecommunication technologies in a compact and portable chassis. It is resistant to shocks, strokes and vibrations typical for the transportation in field conditions (load, reload, air-drop etc.).
DGT 7508 EL is prepared to work in the most difficult climate conditions: extremely high or low temperatures (-40 to +55 ºC), changes of the altitude and atmospheric pressure, high humidity, dust and sand, the enlosure provides IP 65 protection level.
The back-up battery power supply enables equipment to work for 8 hours without external power.
The combination of the unique hi-tech and mechanical features makes the exchange the ideal equipment for various uniform forces like:

  • quick reaction forces
  • mobile units
  • air forces
  • border protection forces
  • patrols in the regions with no telecommunication infrastructure
  • catastrophe rescue services in cases of natural and civilization catastrophes
  • humanitarian aid services
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