Expansion of functionalities of the existing radio systems

RadioBox is a device enabling the connection of DGT PTT Connect system to any radio system, enhancing the radio communication system with a range of new functionalities. The device is compatible with both digital and analogue systems.

Currently supported systems include: TETRA, DMR, NXDN, P25, and analogue radio systems.

Additional functionalities of the radio system

  • Smartphones with DGT PTT Connect  system application as a supplement to two-way radios
  • Always in touch – with DGT PTT Connect you can use radio communication even if you do not have your two-way radio with you. The only thing you need is access to DGT PTT Connect on your smartphone.
  • Extended range – you only need a smartphone to take an active part in group communication between two-way radio users, wherever you are. Now the communication is no longer limited by the base station range.
  • Map for everyone – each authorised DGT PTT Connect user has a map module for tracking the positions of other system participants.
  • Recording – with Radiobox all the communication can be recorded
  • Security – at the user's request, the entire communication can be encrypted
  • Low cost – it is not necessary to build any infrastructure (masts, repeaters, etc.). You do not use new frequencies and you work on the existing equipment. The costs of extension only include a RadioBox, DGT PTT Connect server and smartphones.

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