In the project named: ‘Purchase and comissioning of the computer system for receiving & recording calls on emergency 112 number in the regional centers’ tech company DGT has equippes 17 regional centers with integrated connecting systems based on DGT-MSC product.

In the Silesian Province (which is inhabited by 4.6 million people on the area of 12 300 square kilometres) the communication system manufactured by DGT supports the work of all district and municipal units of the Provincial Headquarters of the National Fire Service. The system will be expanded by the following elements.

The project was aimed at total upgrading of the command station including but not limited to integration of radio and telephone communications, also of other manufacturers, integration with automation devices (gates, intercom systems, sirens) and external applications, as well as to facilitate the coordination of activities with other services - the Ambulance Service and the State Forests.

DGT systems have been installed in the vehicles of the National Fire Service in Gdansk, Olsztyn, Katowice, Warsaw and the Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior. These vehicles serve as mobile command centres not only for the Fire Service but also for other participants in the operation, owing to the possibility of connecting the means of communication of other services. DGT manufactures industrial equipment designed to work in harsh conditions.

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