DGT Cyber ProtectorSecure voice communication

The threat of cyberattack
The Cyberwar is an element of today’s reality. It aims to inflict the greatest possible damage with the help of the latest technology. It causes intentional disruption of interactive, organized information flow in the cyberspace. It is carried out especially in the relation to the infrastructure of significant importance for the economy and the country defense and is aimed at paralyzing communication and thus decision-making processes in critical situations.

Every IT system has been or will be attacked -
the only question is - when?
According to reports of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, prepared on the basis of the information of the Police Headquarters, the Internal Security Agency, the Customs Service, the Ministry of Digitization and the Ministry of Justice, cyber attacks are increasingly outsourced by foreign governments. It must be assumed that the attacks on ICT systems operating in institutions responsible for country’s security are inevitable.

Unique feature of DGT Cyber Protector
Modern ICT solutions are based almost entirely on the IP infrastructure. All forms of protection, such as a firewall or a session border controller protect the IP infrastructure more or less effectively, but never entirely. It is due to the fact that today no one can ensure 100% network security when every now and then new vulnerabilities are being discovered and new forms of attack are being used.
With DGT Cyber Protector we took a different approach. Our long-time experience in critical communications shows that in order to be in control of the situation one factor must be maintained regardless of everything else - the voice communication. The commanding officer can loose access to all functionalities of modern systems, eg. digital maps, digital data, video stream etc. but as long he can communicate with others, he is able to effectively control the situation. This is what DGT Cyber Protector guarantees - the secure voice communication even in the event of a complete IP network paralysis.

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