DGT made its DGT PTT Connect dispatch communication system available to mountain rescuers working on the slopes of Kazbek Mount in Georgia. The Polish MEDYK RESCUE TEAM Foundation has included our system in the communication means used in the Bezpieczny Kazbek (Safe Kazbek) project. DGT PTT Connect has been tested and implemented. As Marcin Błeński, head of the Medical Rescue Team, let us know, "DGT PTT Connect is a useful tool."

The Bezpieczny Kazbek (Safe Kazbek) project consists of maintaining a seasonal emergency service and outpatient base (at an altitude of 3653 m above sea level). The Foundation cooperates with the Polish Embassy in Tbilisi and Georgian rescuers. The project has been under the patronage of the Polish Mountaineering Association and the Polish Mountaineering Support Foundation named after Jerzy Kukuczka. Annually, rescuers provide assistance in almost 300 situations. They carry out dozens of medical evacuations and several rescue expeditions.

In 2019 DGT PTT Connect received the awards of the Chief Commander of the Border Guard (Border Laurel) and the Chief Police Commander (Bronze Police Star).